Ways to Avoid Automobile Accidents in Fort Worth

In the Fort Worth area, The Todd Smith Law Firm offers information to clients seeking ways they can take precautions against automobile accidents. Included in the top five ways to avoid collisions are some specifics to keep in mind.

Know the laws and follow them.

Everyone with a valid driver’s license has learned the local laws and has passed the driver’s test. But it is always a good idea to review them from time to time; especially when you want to be aware of the ways you can avoid automobile accidents. Ignoring those laws or interpreting them for your convenience can often result in an accident.

These might be some helpful tips regarding traffic laws in Fort Worth.

Know the speed limit and do not exceed it.

  • Wear your seatbelt and use properly installed car seats for children.
  • Follow at a safe distance behind cars in front of you and do not tailgate.
  • Pay attention to traffic lights and signs.
  • Be sure to pass only in safe passing areas and on the legal side of vehicles.
  • Park only in safe designated parking spaces.
  • Keep your vehicle maintained properly at all times.

Proper automobile maintenance will not only protect your investment, but will also keep it in top functioning condition so it will perform for you. This is vital to not only avoid auto accidents, but also to be able to have control if an accident is imminent. In order to maintain your automobile, do the following:

  • You should have safety checks done regularly including your brakes, light bulbs, horn, tires, etc.
  • It is also important to keep your windows and mirrors clean.
  • Be sure that you always have an adequate amount of fuel in your gas tank.
  • Keep your distance from vehicles that look to be in poor or unsafe condition as they might cause a hazard to you or other drivers on the road.

Be aware of the risks of driving under the influence.

In Fort Worth as well as other places, the first tip removes a completely avoidable risk when it comes to automobile accidents.

  • Do not drink and drive!
  • Avoid driving near other vehicles that appear to be driven by someone who might be a drunk driver.
  • Always follow the directions on your prescription medications regarding operating a vehicle so you are never driving impaired by that substance.

Be aware of driving conditions.

Every area of the country has its own set of geographic uniqueness and particular weather patterns. Here in the Fort Worth area we can have patchy thick fog, black ice, and flash flooding so remember these tips.

  • Try to avoid driving in bad weather like fog, rain and storms that may diminish visibility.
  • Try to avoid driving at night for the same reason.
  • Bad weather can create hazards like slippery surfaces and standing water due to rain and flooding. Standing water can cover or disguise dangerous potholes or debris.

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Know your limits and your car's limits.

To avoid automobile accidents and collisions, take inventory of how you feel before you get behind the wheel.

  • Don't drive when you are tired.
  • Remember that with experience comes safety where driving is concerned. As a new driver, take extra precautions until you become familiar and comfortable behind the wheel.
  • Always understand the limits of your automobile in terms of acceleration, breaking, turning and parking so that you can take the necessary precautions in all situations.

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