What to Bring When Meeting Your Fort Worth Area Injury Lawyers

When preparing to for a first meeting with your in injury attorney in Fort Worth, you will want to write down some questions and organize your records and documents to bring with you when you go. Your attorney may also have you complete and submit a form prepared by the legal firm. This will familiarize your attorney with some background information ahead of time. It is a good idea to get all of your contact information on record with your attorney’s office ahead of your meeting so that you can be reached if necessary.

What you bring along will depend on the purpose of your meeting and the type of attorney you are meeting.  Tax attorneys, divorce attorneys, labor or employment attorneys, Forth Worth injury attorneys and wrongful death attorneys will all have a different list of what you need to bring to your meeting. The important thing for both you and the attorney is to be prepared so you can make the best use of your time together. Your attorney will want to be caught up with the history and facts surrounding your circumstances as quickly as possible.

For professional reasons, your attorney will want to know the parties involved in your case to be sure that there is no conflict of interest. You should bring a complete list that includes anyone you will be opposing like your employer, spouse, other driver or drivers, witnesses, etc depending on the legal matter at hand. There are ethical aspects for attorneys to consider regarding representing both sides. If there were already a connection to any party with whom you are in conflict, the attorney would not be able to represent you too.

You will want to bring certain documents to your first meeting. In the case of personal injury, for example, your attorney will want to have copies of the following:

  • Police reports or accident reports detailing the incident
  • Medical records from the hospital and all health care providers
  • Statement of your diagnosis, your present condition and your prognosis
  • Expenses related to your case, like bills, insurance deductibles, prescriptions, etc.
  • Estimates about future expenses
  • Any claims that have been filed to date
  • Details of your insurance coverage, both medical and vehicle, if relevant
  • Records of missed work and anticipated future missed work
  • An accounting of conversations between you and other involved parties

In addition, it would be a good idea to bring any notes you have made about how your car accident injury in Fort Worth that have impacted your life and normal routine so far.

Being well prepared for the first meeting with your attorney will pay off in the long run.

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